#004 Christian Mijares (25 years) on Managing $60 Million as a Financial Advisor and Networking with Anyone

By June 15, 2017Business, Podcast
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Christian Mijares (@runbrownrun) graduated from Geneva College in 2014 with a degree in Marketing. In just over 2 years from college graduation, Christian manages $60 million as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, an elite investment bank.

In this episode, Christian and I discuss his story and:

  • What the world of high finance looks like and what it means to be someone’s personal “Chief Financial Officer”
  • Why interpersonal skills are atop the most important skills to develop
  • Why persistency is the most valuable element in building a client list
  • How to face rejection and overcome being told “no”
  • Why “playing the long game” is critical to developing a network
  • How to use commonalities to connect with anyone
  • How to use the “3-day rule” in professional networking
  • How to “play in traffic” and why immersing yourself in your proposed career track is valuable
  • How to become class president
  • How to use varsity sports in college to build friendships

Christian’s “tweetable” advice: “Get involved and enjoy the time.”

Connect with Christian on LinkedIn or email him at Christian.Mijares@morganstanley.com. Christian even offered to take personal calls! Hit him up at 703.556.8124!

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