#005: Dave Schools (27 years) on Embracing Entrepreneurship and Building a 22k+ Blog Following

By June 21, 2017Business, Podcast
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Dave Schools (@DaveSchoools) graduated from Grove City College in 2012 with a degree in Entrepreneurship. At just 27 years old, Dave is a world-class blogger, author, and entrepreneur.

In less than two years after college graduation, Dave founded Entrepreneur’s Handbook (EH), a Medium publication and blog with 22k+ followers, growing at 150+ new members every day. Amazingly, EH took off in less than 3 years from inception. Capitalizing off of EH’s success, Dave recently launched, Brew Projects, a community of students and mentors committed to bringing to life “side-hustles.” While building all these things, Dave is an Inc. columnist and published his first book, Runaway Millionaire.

In this episode, Dave and I dive into his story and discuss tons of actionable advice, such as:

  • How to become a world-class writer, even if you hate writing
  • How to find a skill and become an entrepreneur
  • How to turn a poor grade in public speaking into the best college experience
  • How to master relational skills
  • How to monetize a 20k+ blog following and make blogging a career
  • How to write an irresistibly clickable title to score a top-10 article on Inc.com
  • How to launch your own blog and post on external sites without compromising Google rankings
  • How “curating” rather than writing can serve as effective community builder
  • How to market yourself with a 3.0 GPA
  • How to turn leadership in student government into opportunities
  • How to write vulnerably
  • How to exploit a “first-mover” advantage in blog building
  • How to capitalize on “megatrends” in blogging
  • How to (tastefully) draw people in with “clickbate”
  • How to be a model in college at a top 3 modeling agency (not kidding)

Dave’s “tweetable” advice for college students: “Once you get to know yourself, get to know others.”

Follow Dave on Medium, his personal site, or just drop him an email at dave@businessbrewers.com.

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