#006: Adelina Longoria (36 years) on a Psych PhD, Grad School, and Singing for the President

By July 4, 2017Liberal Arts, Podcast
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Adelina Longoria graduated from Oklahoma State University with a PhD in Experimental Psychology in 2008, where she immediately enrolled after graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Psychology.

In undergrad, Adelina interned through a program funded by the prestigious National Science Foundation, which helped land her at OSU on the acclaimed Robberson Research Fellowship and interned on the Presidential Internship with the Red Cross.

After graduation Adelina worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the premier consulting firms in the U.S, where she won the Booz Allen Performance Award, and for SAP Success Factors, a company with 45+ million subscribers. Adelina is also a professor, making her an expert in how students should test-take.

In this episode, Adelina and I discuss her story and:

  • How to maximize the marketability of a psychology degree
  • The application of a psychology degree beyond psychology
  • The one question every student needs to ask themselves ever semester
  • Why practical research is gold and how to create a portfolio that matters to employers and grad schools
  • How to leverage internships to gain a competitive edge for graduate school admission
  • The two most important things students in undergrad should know in applying to graduate school
  • The pros/cons of attending graduate school immediately after undergrad
  • Why, by itself, having a PhD does not make a student more marketable
  • How “analysis” differentiates C students from A students
  • How being a musician opens the White House doors

Adelina’s “tweetable” advice for college students: “Don’t stop working.”

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