#007: Dan Davy (26 yrs) on Drafting Laws, Fulbright Scholarships, and International Development

By July 13, 2017Business, Liberal Arts, Podcast
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Dan Davy graduated from Florida State in 2013 with a double major in Economics and History. Immediately after graduation, Dan worked deep inside the Florida House of Representatives, where he drafted laws as a 22-year old, which are still on the books.

Dan also received the ultra prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, which afforded him the opportunity to travel—for free—to Malaysia. Daniel speaks Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

In this episode, Dan and I discuss:

  • How to strategically double major and use the power of a non-technical major and a technical major
  • How to score a Fulbright Scholarship

Dan’s “Tweetable” advice: “Teach yourself to be a curious person.”

To connect and follow Dan, look him up on LinkedIn.

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