#011 Gabe Muller (33 yrs) on Becoming a Corporate Executive of a Billion Dollar Company

By September 5, 2017Business, Podcast
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Gabe Muller (@gabemuller_) graduated from Ball State in 2007 with a degree in Accounting. In less than 7 years following graduation, Gabe became the Chief Operating Officer at Glassman Wealth Services, a financial company managing $1+ billion dollars.

  • How to leverage people skills to break into the corporate executive suite
  • How to develop self-awareness without spending $1
  • How to “interrupt the pattern” and get the attention of job recruiters
  • How to optimize your resume
  • The one interview question a student must be able to answer
  • How to use curiosity and passion to optimize job prospects
  • How “interrupting the pattern” can lead to a job
  • How to embrace “interestingness”
  • The most fundamental skill a college student can learn
  • How to market yourself and story tell effectively

Gabe’s “tweetable” advice: “Show them, don’t tell them” and “You get to, you don’t have to.”

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