#015 Dietrich & Carlie Linde (29 yrs) on Paying Off $155k in Student Loans in 5 Years

By January 2, 2018Podcast
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Dietrich Linde & Carlie Linde both graduated from Virginia Tech in 2011, Dietrich with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Carlie with a degree in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies. Throughout college, Dietrich and Carlie amassed $155,000+ in student loans. That’s the bad news. The good news is that in 5 years they repaid 100% of their debt.

In this episode, Dietrich, Carlie, and I discuss:

  • How they managed to accrue over $155,000 in student loans
  • What students can do to prevent falling prey to massive student loans, and
  • If students already have student loans, how they can repay them in rapid fashion

Check out how Dietrich and Carlie paid of their student loans so quickly on FatSoulSlimKitchen. Don’t to check out the Dietrich’s engineering firm which he founded and operates.

Dietrich’s “tweetable” advice: “The remarkable thing about our story is that it is unremarkable.”

Carlie’s “tweetable” advice: “Dollars are made out of nickels and dimes.”

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