“Yes, college might be the most expensive scam of your life to date, a trap that will suck your time, your enthusiasm and your money. But if you take an hour to see it clearly, college is actually an extraordinary opportunity to become the person you'd like to be. Kyle Winey is an eager tour guide on this urgent journey from here to there.”

Seth GodinNew York Times Best Selling Author, Linchpin

“Kyle has applied the 80/20 principle – how to get more with less effort – to college success, and I take my hat off to him: I couldn’t have done it nearly as well. I believe this book will introduce a whole new generation around the world to the magic insights of 80/20 – enjoying at least eighty percent of results from less than twenty percent of hard work. ”

Richard KochAuthor of The 80/20 Principle, 1+ million copies sold

“Kyle Winey offers great advice in this timely book. Read it before you or your child blows hundreds of thousands of dollars on a “certificate of seat time served.” Create your own certificate of mastery, instead!”

Tony WagnerHarvard ILab Expert in Residence, author of The Global Achievement Gap

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